Spanish Forum Language Institute Official Policy Document



SFLI Cancellation Policy for Regularly Scheduled Courses:

A cancellationof a single class session must be made by five p. m. on the business day preceding the date of cancellation. 

Cancellations made after that time or on the day of the class will result in forfeiture of that class session.  That is, that session will not be added to the end of the scheduled term.  Cancellation notices may be made by phone, voice mail or email or text message.


Non-material Participation

Courses must be completed within a reasonable time frame. For example: a 16 hour course scheduled weekly must be completed in 20 weeks or less.  Exceeding four (4) hours of cancellations may at the determination of SFLI result in the course being cancelled. 

You may schedule your classes on an ad hoc basis to avoid course cancellation.  However, once an ad hoc class has been scheduled, the regularly scheduled course cancellation policy shall be in effect.  (See above.)