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Course Descriptions

Level and Grammatical Content of Practical Spanish Courses

The lessons in Practical Spanish were written to be used along with Destinos episodes of the same number.  Lección 1 is keyed to the content of Destinos episode one and so on.

Spanish 1.

Spanish pronunciation, basic vocabulary and grammar necessary to converse, read and understand Spanish. Numbers,sentence and question construction.  Present tense of regular verbs. Vocabulary and Phrasic Modules. Verbs: ser, estar, tener and many others needed for basic communication.   Practical Spanish Lessons 0-4

Spanish 2.

Continued study of nouns, adjectives and irregular present tense verbs.  Practical Spanish Lessons 5-8.

Spanish 3.

Completes the study of the present tense verbs including pronominal (reflexive) verbs.   Practical Spanish Lessons 9-11.

Spanish 4.

Introduction to the preterite tense and direct and indirect object pronouns. Practical Spanish Lessons 12-15

Spanish 5.

Completes study of the preterite tense in irregular verbs and the use of direct and indirect object pronouns in the same sentence.   Introduction to the imperfect tense. Practical Spanish Lessons 16-19.

Spanish 6.

Continued study of the imperfect tense in Spanish.  Practical Spanish Lessons 20-23

Spanish 7.

Concludes study of use of imperfect and preterite tenses together.   Complete review.  Practical Spanish Lessons 24-26.  End of Practical Spanish Book One

Spanish 21-26.

Equivalency to Spanish 201 at community college level in Arizona

Spanish 21.

Study of future tense, imperatives and introduction to the subjunctive.  Partial review.   Practical Spanish Book Two Lessons 27-31.

Spanish 22.

Continued study of the subjunctive, command forms, relative pronouns and review of present perfect tense.  Practical Spanish Lessons 32-35.

Spanish 23.

Review of lessons 27-35.  Continued study of the subjunctive mood, irregular verbs and past subjunctive.  Imperfect subjunctive. Duration of time expressions. Adverbial subordinators of time with imperfect subjunctive.  Nosotros imperatives. Practical Spanish Lessons 37-39.

Spanish 24-26

Completes the initial study of the Spanish language. Potentiality in main clauses: the conditonal tense Conditional sentences. Practical Spanish Lessons 40-52

Intermediate Spanish Review Using Temas y Lemas: Spanish 31-36

Equivalency of college Spanish 202.  Provides a review of initial grammatical forms and structure and develops oral fluency in structures learned to that point prior to more advanced study of the language.  Develops vocabulary and phrasic modules.

Spanish 31.

Temas y Lemas Chapters 0-4

Spanish 32.

Temas y Lemas Chapters 5-8

Spanish 33.

Temas y Lemas Chapters 9-12

Spanish 34.

Temas y Lemas Chapters 13-16

Spanish 35.

Temas y Lemas Chapters 17-20

Spanish 36.

Temas y Lemas Chapters 21-24

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